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AIR-PSU1-770W New Cisco Power Supply for AIR-CT5520-50-K9

MPN: AIR-PSU1-770W | UPC: 882658809156 | CONDITION: New



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  • Product Name: AIR-PSU1-770W
  • Device Type: Power supply – redundant
  • Power Capacity: 770 Watts
  • Input Voltage Range: AC 100-240V
  • Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Output Voltage: +12V
  • Efficiency: 90% or higher
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Cisco Aironet 3700 Series Access Points
  • Dimensions: 22.5 cm x 9.3 cm x 4.2 cm (8.9″ x 3.7″ x 1.7″)
  • Weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)

AIR-PSU1-770W: The Ideal Power Supply Unit for Your High-Performance System

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient power supply unit to power your high-performance system? Look no further than the AIR-PSU1-770W. With its cutting-edge features, exceptional performance, and outstanding reliability, this PSU is the perfect choice for gamers, content creators, and anyone in need of a powerful and stable power supply solution.

Introduction to AIR-PSU1-770W

Power Supply Units (PSUs) are a crucial component of any computer system, providing the necessary power to all the hardware components. The AIR-PSU1-770W is a top-of-the-line PSU that caters to the demanding needs of modern systems. This is specifically designed to work with the AIR-CT5520-50-K9.

Features and Specifications of AIR-PSU1-770W

The AIR-PSU1-770W comes packed with features that make it stand out in the market. Let’s explore some of its key specifications:

  1. Wattage: With a robust power output of 770W, this PSU can handle the power requirements of high-performance systems effortlessly.
  2. Modular Design: The modular design of the AIR-PSU1-770W allows for easy cable management, ensuring a clean and organized system.
  3. Silent Operation: Equipped with a high-quality fan and advanced cooling technology, this PSU operates silently, keeping your system quiet even under heavy loads.
  4. Overvoltage and Short Circuit Protection: The PSU incorporates multiple protection mechanisms to safeguard your components against voltage fluctuations and short circuits.

Performance and Efficiency of AIR-PSU1-770W

The AIR-PSU1-770W delivers exceptional performance and efficiency, making it a top choice for power-hungry systems. Its high wattage output ensures stable power delivery even during intense computing tasks, such as gaming, video rendering, or running resource-intensive applications.

Furthermore, the 80 Plus Bronze certification guarantees an impressive level of energy efficiency. This means that the PSU wastes less energy as heat, resulting in lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact. The AIR-PSU1-770W strikes an excellent balance between performance and energy efficiency.


The AIR-PSU1-770W is particularly designed to work with AIR-CT5520-50-K9.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for AIR-PSU1-770W

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the AIR-PSU1-770W, it’s important to follow some maintenance and safety guidelines. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Dust Regularly: Dust can accumulate on the PSU and hinder its cooling efficiency. Clean the PSU and surrounding areas regularly to prevent overheating.
  2. Ensure Proper Ventilation: Adequate airflow is essential for cooling the PSU. Keep your system well-ventilated and ensure that the PSU’s fan is unobstructed.
  3. Handle with Care: When installing or removing the PSU, be gentle and avoid applying excessive force. This helps prevent damage to the PSU or other components.
  4. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer for specific maintenance and safety guidelines.


In conclusion, the AIR-PSU1-770W is a powerful, reliable, and efficient power supply unit that caters to the needs of high-performance systems. Its exceptional features, ease of installation, and compatibility with AIR-CT5520-50-K9 give the user peace of mind that your devices will work at optimum.

Investing in the AIR-PSU1-770W ensures a stable and clean power supply, allowing your wireless controller system to perform at its best without compromising on energy efficiency. With its modular design and advanced cooling technology, this PSU offers a seamless and quiet computing experience.

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882658 809156

Warranty for AIR-PSU1-770W?
  • The warranty for refurbished units is 30 days.
  • The warranty for New units is as per the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.
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