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Power up your Network with CISCO Catalyst 3850 PoE+


PoE+ on Cisco Catalyst 3850 - Powering Up Your Network

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is an essential feature for modern networking equipment. The Cisco Catalyst 3850 series switches take it to the next level with full IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+). In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits and capabilities of the Cisco Catalyst 3850 PoE+ switches and how they can power up your network.

What is PoE+?

PoE technology allows devices to receive both data and power through the same Ethernet cable. This means that devices such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and IP cameras can be easily and conveniently powered without requiring a separate power source.

PoE+ is an enhanced version of the standard PoE technology. As a result it delivers more power to devices than standard PoE. The IEEE 802.3at standard for PoE+ allows for up to 30 watts of power to be delivered to each PoE+ enabled port. This allows to power a wider range of devices.

A switch port that is capable of Power over Ethernet (PoE) automatically provides power to a connected device. If the device detects that there is no power on the circuit, it can be powered through PoE. The switch port can provide power to a Cisco pre-standard powered device, such as a Cisco IP Phone or a Cisco Aironet Access Point, or an IEEE 802.3af-compliant powered device.

When a powered device is connected to both a PoE switch port and an AC power source, it can receive redundant power. However, if the device is only connected to the PoE port, it will not receive redundant power.

What are the benefits of PoE+?

PoE+ technology offers several benefits for network administrators, including increased flexibility and reduced costs. By providing power over Ethernet cables, it eliminates the need for separate power supplies, which can simplify cabling and reduce overall costs.

Additionally, it provides greater flexibility for deploying devices in locations where power outlets may not be available, making it ideal for environments where mobility and flexibility are important.

The Catalyst 3850 PoE+ switches from Cisco take these benefits to the next level, offering support for up to 60 watts of power per port through Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet (Cisco UPOE®) technology. As a result, this enables you to power a wide range of devices. This includes high-performance access points, video phones, and IP video surveillance cameras to name a few.

Cisco PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) offers several benefits for organizations looking to power network devices over Ethernet cabling. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Cost savings: With PoE+, there is no need for separate power cabling, which can reduce installation costs and improve energy efficiency.

  2. Flexibility: PoE+ allows for the deployment of devices in areas where there is no access to AC power outlets, enabling organizations to place network devices in more locations.

  3. Improved reliability: With PoE+, power is supplied to the device through the Ethernet cable, reducing the risk of power failure due to cable damage or other issues.

  4. Simplified management: PoE+ provides a centralized management system for network devices, allowing for easier deployment, management, and troubleshooting.

  5. Scalability: PoE+ can provide power to a range of devices, including IP phones, access points, and surveillance cameras, making it a scalable solution for organizations of all sizes.

  6. Enhanced functionality: With PoE+, devices can be powered and configured over the same Ethernet cable, enabling advanced features such as remote monitoring and management.

What are the features of the Catalyst 3850 PoE+ switches?

In addition to PoE+ capabilities, the Catalyst 3850 series switches provide a wide range of features designed to deliver high-performance and reliability to your network. Some of the key features of the Catalyst 3850 PoE+ switches include:

  • Modular and field-replaceable network modules, which allow you to easily customize and expand your network.
  • RJ-45 and fiber-based downlink interfaces, which offer greater flexibility for connecting devices.
  • Redundant power supplies and fans, which ensure uninterrupted network operation.

These features make the Catalyst 3850 PoE+ switches an ideal choice for networks that require high performance, reliability, and flexibility.

The Cisco Catalyst 3850 PoE+ switches offer a range of features that make them a popular choice for organizations. Here are some of the key features:

Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)
: The Catalyst 3850 switches support full IEEE 802.3at PoE+ and Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE), which provides power to connected devices over Ethernet cabling.

Modular and field-replaceable network modules: The switches offer a range of modular and field-replaceable network modules, providing flexibility and scalability for different network requirements.

RJ-45 and fiber-based downlink interfaces: The switches support both RJ-45 and fiber-based downlink interfaces, enabling organizations to connect to a range of network devices.

Redundant fans and power supplies: The switches come with redundant fans and power supplies, providing high availability and reducing the risk of network downtime.

Cisco StackWise-480 technology: The switches use Cisco StackWise-480 technology, which provides scalability, resiliency, and ease of management for network stacks.

Advanced security features: The switches offer a range of advanced security features, including TrustSec, MACsec, and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), which can help to protect the network against threats.

Quality of Service (QoS) support: The switches provide support for QoS, enabling organizations to prioritize network traffic and ensure that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth.

Overall, the Catalyst 3850 PoE+ switches offer a range of features that can help organizations to build flexible, scalable, and secure networks, while providing high availability and ease of management.

CISCO Catalyst 3850 Switches that offer PoE+

There are various CISCO Catalyst 3850 models that offer PoE+ functionality. Some of these models are:

ModelPoE PortsDefault AC power supplyAvailable PoE powerPOE budget with 1100W secondary PS
WS-C3850-24P24 PoE+715WAC435W1535W
WS-C3850-48P48 PoE+715WAC435W1535W
WS-C3850-48F48 PoE+1100WAC800W1900W
WS-C3850-24U24 UPOE1100WAC800W1900W
WS-C3850-48U48 UPOE1100WAC800W1900W
WS-C3850-24XU24 UPOE1100WAC580W1680W
WS-C3850-12X48U48 UPOE1100WAC630W1730W

CISCO Phones that can be powered with PoE

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